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I am an artist. Lately, my focus is writing but my practice has spanned many mediums including painting, mixed media, theatre directing, leading an artist residency, leading a poetry chorus, running a standup comedy night and much more. Here are some creative highlights from the past few years. I am also currently working on a novel.

Artists & Climate Change Incubator

I participated in Artists & Climate Change Incubator, a week-long intensive for artists focusing on climate change in their work. It ruled.

Mount Sinai

I won Electric Literature’s 280-character story contest and my story was published in Electric Literature.

1010 Residency

I led an art residency in New York City, designed to help a multidisciplinary group of artists create ambitious year-long projects.

Yamim Noraim Zine 2016

Yamim Noraim is a zine which I printed and self-published in 2016. It features poetry and visual art by 13 contemporary Jewish artists. The zine explores the imagery, texts, and rituals of the Yamim Noraim, or the Jewish “Days of Awe” including Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. I exhibited the zine at the Open Space Prints and Multiples Fair in Baltimore.