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I am an engineer based in New York with deep experience building iOS apps and broad experience across the web stack. Currently, I am a Senior Engineer at Twitter. Previously I’ve worked at Glossier, Tumblr, The New York Times, and elsewhere.

I am interested in the full spectrum of product engineering, from ideation to architecture to building the visual and experiential details that make products uniquely thoughtful and wonderful to use. Mentorship teaching, and building strong teams are also passions of mine.

I am an international conference speaker and have spoken at iOS engineering conferences in New York, Tokyo, Melbourne and Singapore. As a conference speaker, I strive to support & grow iOS communities all over the world.

Some of my talks:
Community Engineering - iOS Conf SG 2020
Writing Blockchain Clients in Swift - Try Swift Tokyo 2018
Unit Testing for Designers - Playgrounds Conference 2017
Linting in Swift - Brooklyn Swift 2015

When I’m not writing software I write fiction, organize creative communities, participate in climate change and climate crisis advocacy, and ride my bike.

I’m currently available for teaching, advisory, and mentorship opportunities and would be happy to learn more about what you’re working on.