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Excited to announce that I’m joining the Try Swift Tokyo 2017 lineup!  Come hang out with us in Tokyo this March.


My very, very short story won Electric Literature’s 280 character story contest.  Take a look! 

Back in the fall, I lead engineering on an ambitious project with a short timeline: building Tumblr GIF, an iMessage app for Tumblr. Building the app in a beta environment, developing an app concept and UI, and adapting Tumblr’s existing GIF creation flow for a much smaller screen were all challenging problems. After we launched, we were happy to see the app featured in the #1 spot for iMessage apps in the iMessage app store.

I’m thrilled to share that our app was featured at WWDC in Apple’s session on designing great iMessage apps. Tumblr GIF was one of the three apps highlighted, and was used as Apple’s example of a well designed app for expression within iMessage.

Take a look (~02:14-04:07): Express Yourself! WWDC 2017 


I was featured in Marie Claire’s pre-WWDC piece featuring ten female Apple app developers. My childhood Harry Potter website is finally famous! Take a look.


Just got back from a wonderful trip to Australia and the Playgrounds Conference in Melbourne. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. You can see the slides for my talk “Unit Testing For Designers” here and I’ll upload the video as well when it’s available.

The talk describes how you might use unit testing to teach designers the architectural concept of software modularity, how modularity relates to testing, and the way engineers’ obsession with managing change impacts the way we build features. I also go into why I feel it’s so important to break down boundaries between engineering and design.


Just learned that I’ve been accepted to present my work, including Yamim Noraim, the zine I published this fall, at the juried Publication and Multiples Fair this April. Can’t wait!


Really excited to announce that I will be one of the speakers at Playgrounds this February. Playgrounds is Australia’s conference dedicated to Swift and Apple platform developers.


I’ll be speaking to iOS Soho about getting your first iOS job on Wednesday night.

Getting Your First iOS Job
The iOS engineering question I get asked most frequently is "How do I get my first iOS job?".  In this talk, which I hope will both empower new iOS developers and help our experienced community members onboard new iOS developers, I will answer a few of the common questions I get asked about making this transition and share some advice about what new developers should look for in engineering teams.



I was bestowed Tumblr’s most solemn award: the Fuck Yeah.

I love my team. Special shoutout to the kindest, most creative gang: the Tumblr messaging squad.


Tumblr GIF,  the iMessage app my team has been working on for the past few weeks, was featured in the #1 spot in the iMessage app store on 9/29. Check it out!


Girl Develop It just announced my upcoming iOS class, a 3-hour workshop focused on iMessage apps. Throughout the class students will build a simple sticker app. I’ll use the Messages framework as a lens for understanding interface development concepts and iOS API design.

Join us: http://www.meetup.com/girldevelopit/events/233728124/


Kicked off 1010 Residency and met the amazing 2016-2017 artists in residence. 


Just finished accepting submissions to my first zine. The zine will explore the Jewish High Holidays, whose imagery, themes, language, and moral values have always fascinated me. I’m going to be distributing the zine in print. Stay tuned!